We craft unforgettable experiences, that take you around the world.

The Encompassed Camper Journey

Tinkerers, builders, crafters and inquisitive. We started out with a rusty old van and haven't looked back.

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We made our own adventures. But found that the part we loved the most, was giving life back to old camper vans.

Every van is custom built. You're going to be using this home away from home to create authentic, real experiences. And that's exactly how we want to make the vans ourselves; authentic and real.

Sure you may have some similar appliances to other campers, but no two vans are the same. Whether it be one that we've built and converted for re-sale, or one you want made to your custom specs, we create beautiful, bespoke campers.

We're nomads at heart, and builders by passion.

What're you waiting for? Adventure starts here.

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